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    PC Cleaning, PC|Internet Training, Video|Photo Editing

PC Repair

Tired of calling technical support, sitting on hold, and waiting for a technician to answer the phone only to give you a runaround answer? One of our focus’s at RichPC is providing great customer service and support. RichPC can clean your system and hard drive and help you bring back that new computer feel. Only $45.00 per hour!



PC - Internet Training


For new or advanced users, individually or in groups, at home or in the organization. Only $35.00 per hour!



Photo - Video Editing


We can color correct, remove red eye, crop and enhance your photos to your individual taste. We can create whatever size photo enlargement you may need. Do you have video footage that you simply need to edit out unwanted scenes. Maybe your company needs to insert an intro with text or create a split screen of your video footage for that important presentation. 

If you want to take your photos add in some background music and convert your photos to a show or video, we can do it for you.


Call us for a Price Quote.... 225-347-6018





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